Thursday, 18 October 2018

How to visualize a goal flow segment in Google Data Studio?

This post shows how to visualize a goal flow segment in Google Data Studio. I assume that you have basic knowledge of Data studio's calculated fields.

You can see the visualization in action here.

Assume that the page paths for the goal flow are:


Step I: Create custom field
Now create a custom field with the below formula (replace the page paths with the actual page paths).

CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Page,'/step1.html') THEN '1. Cart'
WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Page,'/step2.html') AND REGEXP_MATCH(Previous Page Path,'/step1.html') THEN '2. Billing and Shipping'
WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Page,'/step3.html') AND REGEXP_MATCH(Previous Page Path,'/step2.html') THEN '3. Payment'
WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Page,'/step4.html') AND REGEXP_MATCH(Previous Page Path,'/step3.html') THEN '4. Review'
ELSE 'Others'

Step II: Create Bar graph
Now create a bar graph with this custom field as the dimension. Use pageviews as the metric.

Step III: Filter out 'Others'
Filter out 'Others' from the graph by adding a new filter

Step IV: Style the bar graph
Go to 'Style' and make the below changes for the bar graph:
Change the bar chart style from 'vertical' to 'horizontal'.
Select 'Show data labels'

That's all! You have the goal flow visualization. You can see it in action here .