Sunday, 1 April 2018

Twitter Analytics: Google Data Studio Report for Tweet Engagement

Do you want to increase your twitter engagement rate? This report helps you analyze your historical tweet data and find out the factors that influenced engagement.


Get answers to questions like:
  • Which tweets have received the most overall engagement, retweets, replies, likes etc.?
  • How many hashtags per tweet got the most engagement?
  • What hour of the day got the most engagement?
  • How many characters per tweet got the most engagement?
  • Which day of the week got the most engagement?


Steps to get the Tweet Engagement Report:

→Step I (Copy Google Sheet template): Copy this Google Sheet (with dummy data) to your Google Account.
→Step II (Create blank report): Login to data and create a blank report. Name it ‘Tweet Analysis Report’.
→Step III (Connect data source): In the Data Studio report, click ‘create new data source’. Select ‘Google Sheets’ from the list of connectors. Select ‘Tweet Data’ from the list of sheets and click ‘connect’.
→Step IV (Share permissions): Give ‘’ permission to access the Data Studio report. Next, give permission to access the Data source.
→Step VI (Make payment)

Payment Options
USD 14.00
USD 14.00

→Delivery time: I will prepare the report within ‘2 working days’ of completing all the steps above.

→Step VII: Replacing dummy data with actual data: After the report is created, you can replace the dummy data in the Google Sheet with your actual tweet data. Your actual tweet data can be downloaded from Twitter. See FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use dummy data to build the report?
Beause it is possible to build a report without having to share with me the actual data. After the report is built, you can update the sheet with your actual tweet data that you download from Twitter.

Where can I get my actual tweet data?
  • Login to Twitter
  • Open Twitter Analytics
  • Click the ‘Tweets’ tab on top
  • Select the required time period and click ‘Export data’
Is this a recurring fee or a one-time fee?
It is a one-time fee. If you want to add more data to the report, add them as rows to the Google Sheet that is connected as the data source.